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    I'm An official ubuntu user

    its great! but does anyone know what theme duncan used in ubuntu the black one?
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    I'm An official ubuntu user

    title says all i recently installed ubuntu and i love it!
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    and peggie farted? lol
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    AcDc Wallper 1280x800 Request

    I know you guys don't have to help but can anybody help me find a good acdc wallpaper with the res of 1280 x 800 please? Thanks in advance. Bullet
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    my web browser

    I saw this browser awhile ago on a video looked cool xD
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    XP or Vista???? ARgh I can't decide :S

    Might not count but i would choose XP as i downgraded recently and its ran fast, very fast
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    How to rickroll someone so they know YOU did it

    I've rickroll'd my sister like 40 times with this haha. she never learns
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    Have You Completed Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

    Yeah i have very sad ending  :( but it was really easy
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    Do you want duncan back on mobilephone2003

    I like MegaByteTv better as you know there will be a new video to watch.