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    youtube downloader

    Firefox Addon: works with youtube as well as any sort of flash-based site. It searches for any downloads in process and allows you to save the file (in the case of youtube, the .flv file) wherever you choose. It is called "Download Helper" and is found...
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    3000 YouTube Subscribers

    ditto that my friend. Nice going!
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    Dear sir/madam, FIRE! FIRE! Help me! 123 Carrendon Road. Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best, General Nemesis. So for those of you that got this, who watches the IT Crowd? What is your favorite episode? Bring up anything regarding the show and you get +cool points. Also if you...
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    add reputation

    Oh I see, alright then, time to move up the chain of command... but very subtly... without mention... oh wait, damn. :P
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    add reputation

    I've briefly searched for this, and sorry if this has already been asked/answered (or is obvious), but how does one add reputation points to others?
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    Javascript Code - Alter Web Pages!

    Dude this is pretty awesome; not gonna lie...
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    How to embed IRC into your desktop

    haha alrighty I'm up for the challenge... oh wait.. you're on constantly! I'll try... :P
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    How to embed IRC into your desktop

    Thanks for the rep! Hopefully Duncan will get an IRC Server going, that would be sweet... then you should *definitely* use it more! :P
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    Name Question

    How does Duncan say it in his vids? "Mob" right?
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    What is your Favorite Villain?

    Bodhi from Point Break... I'm sorry but if a villain... no if Patrick Swayze wants to take me skydiving, I'm in :P.
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    What do you think is the best invention ever made

    Fellas, electricity was not an invention; it was a discovery. :P inventions that spawned from this discovery however are arguably up there in the top list. That and the wheel...
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    lol, Duncan is passively murdering you by creating a forum which is known to kill those addicted to such a marvelous creation.
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    The Orangebox

    I'll second that; if the game was a lot longer, and possibly had multiplayer options (imagine multiplayer capture the flag or something... you toss a portal at your enemies feet and have them fall someplace else, oh the possibilities), then it would be a lasting experience rather than a...
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    diablo 2

    I've played this quite enough to the point where my characters are set, so I just go on every now and then and rush random people that need help. Still a fun game after all these years.
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    List Of Free Games

    Grid Wars (Geo Wars) is another great freebie!