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    GameSave Manager

    - Some stuff Matt is working on now..
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    I have a problem...

    The expensive ones are the anime chick things, It's so weird because they come from rubbish f2p games that you have to pay a significant amount more to unlock the privilege of unlocking cards and stuff then it's worth doing, obviously you can buy the cards separately but they are highly...
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    Expired [FREE GAME] Need for Speed: Most Wanted [2013]

    Too bad the game is buggy as a butter teapot. Even the console version was better. NFS Hot Pursuit was much better.
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    i have a hard drive from around 2007... any ideas on what i could do with it?

    Would make a good door stop or a book shelf holder. can also be used as a hammer and a self protection device if handled in the right manner. In other news, just throw steamOS on it and have a whirl with various linux distros.
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    Will VR / AR be a gimmick?

    You're thinking too small of the scope of the applications that this can be useful for if you think that these are mere gimmicks. At first it may look like a gimmick due to being price gated, but last time I checked, At lot of products were the same, You could say 3D is a gimmick yet, it has...
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    "What Do You Want For Christmas?"

    I hate you... Now you got me interested into something that I want... which reminds me.. I want a decent computer desk and a chair.... - Thats the kind of thing im using right now ¬_¬ my keyboard is bigger then the thing so its resting on my lap or ontop of the computer when its not in use.
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    "What Do You Want For Christmas?"

    Games that are finished and pretty much bug free on release... Ahh who am I kidding...
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    i have a bitcoin miner, and rarely use it. is there anything i can do with it?

    It's not worth mining anymore, hasn't been for years unless you already had the resources to pull it off to negate the energy costs. best off playing the market and buying / selling coins instead in this day and age. I'm still gutted that I lost a 10k+ wallet with my 20 bit coins (when the price...
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    What did you expect from something called NVIDIA FleX thats another module to physx?

    What did you expect from something called NVIDIA FleX thats another module to physx?
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    Confirmed GeForce + Radeon: Previewing DirectX 12 Multi-Adapter with Ashes of the Singularity -
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    Need help with GTA SA

    If you have an Xbox One Controller you can use that. If you have a Wii Pro Controller you can use that. If you have a tablet you can use that (im not kidding btw)
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    Web Design Advice

    Something else to consider - Responsive design:
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    Off-Topic Pub - What's New With You?

    Currently addicted to Dungeon Defenders 2 now that its in Open alpha and more people are giving it a shot.
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    building PC advice on the motherboard

    How to fit in a cpu, grab a hammer, tap it until it fits ^_^ I'm shocked that you actually tapped it, maybe we all should of gave some videos on how to build first just to be on the safe side. What other stuff did you get? or was it just the basic?
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    building PC advice on the motherboard

    AMD Alternative: Case: Thermaltake Versa N21 - $44.99 PSU: ANTEC Gold Standard Power Supply ATX 550 Power Supply TP-550C - $65.99 CPU: A10-7850K - $126.95 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XM-D3H - $68.70 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2x4) DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 - $61.00 Hard Drive: WD Blue 1TB...