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    Xbox Live

    I made a free one month and think I will keep it I will not have it for like 2 days but than I get my pay check and will buy some more time. If you want to play halo 3 or CoD 4 just hit me up. My Live name is XXHITMANXX5574.(note: I am good at CoD 4 just got Halo 3 not so good at that)
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    Xbox Live

    I wanted to try xbox live before I buy it so I was wondering if someone had a xbox live trail that they could pm to me. Thanks
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    How Old Are You?

    I am 15
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    Service Pack 3

    OK the only problem is that it is an ISO file and I don't have a CD dive.
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    Service Pack 3

    Thanks a bunch  :)
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    Service Pack 3

    Can someone make a video on how to get service pack 3. I was trying to get it off the Microsoft web site but there where like 3 things I had to get and I got really confused. Thanks 
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    Frets On Fire : What's Your Thoughts?

    I love it very good when at my home that don't have guitar hero
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    You have to burn the rope

    I want that song for my Ipod :D
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    Guitar Hero 3

    Once I spent 7 hours straight beating the game twice because of a party and after I beat it the first time the data got corrupt and I had to do it again. lol
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    Guitar Hero 3

    I am on the ps2 and the guitar I am using doesn't have a D-Pad
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    Guitar Hero 3

    I like rock band for the drums but I play the guitar the most and guitar hero's guitar is way better
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    Guitar Hero 3

    Just beat raining blood today ;D
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    Do you think the ps3 will take over the market

    What do you mean decent have you ever heard of Metal Gear Solid 4?
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    mob3 Wallpaper

    Nice Work
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    Is Linux worth the effort?

    It is very easy to do if you use a program Wubi. With it you don't have to make disks or anything so it is worth it if you use this because it is easy to install and if you don't like it, it is also easy to take off. Duncan did a video on how to do this.