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    About Flyakite

    Thanks Guys I've decided to try it myself and what can I say .. it's simply amazing ... I had my doubts but ... not anymore :P
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    About Flyakite

    I forgot to tell you ..  I have a P4 , 3 Ghz, 512 Ram Also .. if you know another way of changing my XP  I'm very interested ... Thanks
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    About Flyakite

    Hi guys... Well I have a question for you. I am a bit sick of how my XP looks like. I'm a bit tired by the same black themes , Zune, Vista Inspirat 2,  and I need a change. Lately I've seen some XP been made into a OSX using a program called Flyakite ( ). I've...
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    Best Live Music Band You Have Seen?

    Muse ... concert in Bucharest , Romania ... :P
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    Your Favourite Song Of All Time

    :D yeap ... rock ... house ... and even Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra , Buble and Bach :))
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    Music Playback Software

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    Your Favourite Song Of All Time

    1. Michael Buble - "You don't know me " :P
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    Suggest a song i'll like?

    uuuu yeah .. Jason Mraz.. "I'm yours" .. that's a good one
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    suggestions for rock music

    well try .. "The Diary of Jane " from BB .. it's my favourite .. they are preatty cool .. also try to check out  Three days Grace , and Three Doors Down .. :P
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    At This Current Minute Right Now, What Is Playing On Your Speakers?

    Re: What Are You Listening To? Kings of Leon - "Sex on Fire" :P
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    Favourite Band?

    Re: favrote band? Red Hot Chili Peppers
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    suggestions for rock music

    Foo Fighters ... Red Hot Chili Peppers... Kings of Leon... Breaking Benjamin
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    Opera help

    Yeah thanks , I switched back on FireFox .... ty
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    Opera help

    Hi , I was wondering , how can I change that stupid thing on Opera, every time I want to download a torrent file , Opera steps is and opens it. And I don't want that , I already have a torrent program . I don't wanna wait for Opera to download . Thank you
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    New Yahoo messenger 9

    sure . it might be beter , and this version still has it's glithches but , if all your friends use it ... when in Rome ...