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    What do you think of the member above you?

    Great guy Nuno is, brilliant videos, always in the chat, great admin, good friend :)
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    2 Signatures I made (NK)

    Looks good, well done
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    Mob3 "3" Wallpaper

    They look really good, well done
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    Snow Leopard "Cosmic Blue" Wallpaper

    That looks brilliant, well done
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    My cat :/

    Glad that your cat has been returned to you :)
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    Happy Birthday Mob3!

    Happy Birthday, Thanks to Duncan for creating the mob3 community with your brilliant youtube videos and for taking time with the Forum to make it the best it could be, also thanks to the Mods and the great posts on this forum :)
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    A little picture before I go

    Class drawing, well done :)
  8. Dombev (BETA Keys!)

    Cool, thanks guys
  9. Dombev (BETA Keys!)

    Ive sent the invite, enjoy :) Guys please can you leave feedback about WebNotes just wondering what you think about it
  10. Dombev (BETA Keys!)

    Yeah you create your stickies, you can group, delete and modify You click the bookmark in your bookmark toolbar using e.g - Firefox, Chrome click the bookmark toolbar again and its gone until you use again They have their own video tutorial when you have made an account, hope that clears some...
  11. Dombev (BETA Keys!)

    Sent email, enjoy
  12. Dombev (BETA Keys!)

    Hey guys, I have 10 BETA Keys available for First 10 people ask get them! WebNotes is a service were you can create virtual sticky notes and have them floating around in your web browser, using a bookmark toolbar. I received a question from JDH and I have cleared up the...
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    Ideas for WXP:FV (Windows XP: Flash Version)

    thats pretty good
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    Transformers 2 Sneak Peak

    Hey I forgot to post the teaser trailer on Monday ages ago, so here it is Enjoy :)
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    MB TV Dying down???

    Duncan is taking a break from internet for a few days, he posted it on Twitter, so thats why anyways does there have to be a video daily like its still alive and cooking