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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    I think I change my desktop too often
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Its rather large, so click the thumbnail to view it full sized
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    Whats in your Dock/Superbar

    Oh, whoops....
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    Whats in your Dock/Superbar

    Self-explanatory Click on image to see full size From left to right... Shortcut to Nautilus (also displays open nautilus windows) Firefox Pidgin Skype Gwibber (different icon, the default one is ugly) Terminal Gedit Rythembox Akregator Shutter (not actually in dock, just open at the time)...
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    What is your current uptime

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    ISP networks

    Fail(clear)wire Sort of reliable, when its nice and clear out, it operates by towers signals which there modems turn into actual internet...yay for terrible explanations Anyway, they suck
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    Your geek 'work'

    When I first wake up: -Google Reader -E-Mail -Twitter -YouTube Normally school next, but on weekends just random stuff -Twitter -Google Reader -E-Mail -YouTube etc...
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    Could You Use Ubuntu Or Linux Ultimate As A Primary Operating System

    I could use Ubuntu as my primary OS, and I do! I keep Windows around however, mainly for gaming.
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    What is everyones Google Wave?

    [email protected] I don't use it much though, too slow on Ubuntu
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    Ubuntu program for backing up program settings (Testers needed)

    *FOR UBUNTU ONLY* So, I was bored and decided to try some very basic programming, and here is the result, a very basic app that will backup the specified programs settings for your user. It can also restore from a previous backup This script requires Zenity: ...
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    What do you think of the member above you?

    Don't really know him....I've seen him in the chat though, so....yeah
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Nothing special, my second monitor is smaller then the first, so the black bar is supposed to be there, bugs me though.
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    What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

    Eat Sleep Read ...... I'm pretty active on the computer
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    Whats in your Dock/Superbar?

    Not excatly a dock, its Ubuntu's version of the Quick launch bar From left to right Pidgin, Swiftfox, Ubuntu Tweak, Nvidia settings, Gtk-recordmydesktop, Remote Desktop, Skype, Gwibber, System Monitor, Terminal, Spotify
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    A neat Compiz feature in Ubuntu: Grouping and tabbing windows