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    *Important Information*

    Re: *Important Imformation* Damit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Lost
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    Whats you favourite song AND band??

    Best Band Ever Same with this band and song Favorite Band: All-American Rejects or Flobots Favorite Song: Numb - Linkin Park
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    Is Twitter down?

    No. Sweet and Simple
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    The Game

    How is it random? I just thought id teach everyone the game even though im sure everybody already knows it.
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    The Game

    Okay so I'm sure that a lot of you have heard of The Game but this is what it is: The Game is a game that is being played by everyone in the world all the time, even if you don't know you are playing it. The object of The Game is to not think about the game. So if you randomly think about The...
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    Ban the person who posted last!

    Baned because you lost The Game.
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    Simple Chat

    I hate my life cause SCHOOL STARTS TOMARROW!!!!
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    Guess who will post next

    Reecebullet Next
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    The first story in the 2 word story game

    I say We Make a new 2 story word game, but to make it go longer how about we make it 5 words?
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    Find the hidden word

    Yah there is a hidden word, am i the only one who found it? Yah I win a cookie. btw the word is poo. see:
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    MBTV is closed!?!

    MBTV could have been way better than mob3, but nobody ever went to it, I just wish he wouldn't shut it down. Um... I don't know anyone who asked him to close it, except for you I guess.
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    2 word story game!

    which means
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    MBTV is closed!?!

    I just went to and found out that the forum is closed, I am really ashamed cause i liked it way more than mob3. I wish it would reopen and more people would use it.