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    What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

    Go out with friends, Go to Football & Ice Hockey, Xbox 360, TV and Party like its 1999  :P
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    Freeware Programs

    Great List Nuno! I also liked the video you done on YouTube! about this!
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    The Wire...

    Crime, Drama and Mystery
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    The Wire...

    Has anyone watched this before? Its currently being showing every Monday-Thursday on BBC 2  at 11.20. Its currently in season/series 4 on BBC but its a great show about people in Baltimore. School kids, Politicians etc. A very good show!
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    My Horrible DualBoot Attempt...

    Sounds like a long and really frustrating process! I would have gave up a long time before you i think!.
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    Some things i made in photoshop CS3

    Great work, especially the YouTube! Logo
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    Megabyte tv is open again but dont leave mob 3

    I hope people will continue to post on both. Anyone think Mob3's slightly picked up a little bit lately?
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    My wife and kids

    My wife and kids is a great show allways has me laughing at the simple yet brilliant jokes! Damon Wayans is great!
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    It should be the same for everyone... No Knifes at all... Simple in my eyes. Not having a go at anyone here just my opinion ;)
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    Block members?

    You can ignore members, i don't know if this just ignores their personal messages or weather it blocks all posts? Worth a try.
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    What book are you currently reading?

    Python Programming-Second Edition- For Absolute Beginner
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    I done gone drawed a Penguin :)

    Thirded the tutorials! Thats a great piece of work!
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    which version of windows do you like

    I really like Windows 7 RC
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    Windows 7 (Seven) Experience Index Score Thread

    I Got 3.4... Acer Aspire 6920g Intel Core 2 Dup @ 2.00GHZ 3.00GB
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    Happy Birthday Mob3!

    Who would believe it has been a whole year? Happy Birthday to this fantastic forum