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    Google Chrome & FireFox themes.

    I'm using Strata 40 theme with some enrichment's.
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    That's called an UserBar. Lot's of people make them (including me) but you can also find lots on here and here, and there is an UserBars Request Thread on the forum.
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    How Was/Is Your Christmas?

    Well my family was here; I ate some Christmas food, went to Church, watched some TV and today i will visit my grandmothers to wish them a merry Christmas. Anyways I got the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel White.                           Merry Christmas everyone!
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    It's cool but I prefer Xat chat.
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    Try going on Start > Help And Support and search a bit there. Also try reading you laptop/PC manual.
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    Website idea. What do you think?

    Maybe they will if they get money for it.
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    [STEAM] Holiday deals started

    Duncan has made a video on it
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    Nice One Duncan

    I just wanted you guys to know i made these for the read/unread icons.       NOTE: I was limited in terms of quality because it needed to be a .gif image. (.gif makes the image smaller so it loads faster)
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    And the resolution is perfect! Thanks!
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    Console war, a better aproach.

    Something occurred to me. Back in the old days there was an Atari port for the NES. Imagine if Microsoft released that so Xbox could lunch PS3 games. Technically this would be impossible but I think there would be law sues up their ass.
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    Windows 7 screen resolution problem

    Issue fixed... It was a bug in Windows 7. Topic locked.
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Wow that's a awesome wallpaper. Could you please post the URL of it?
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    Dual Monitor Problem

    Try using Ultramon because it optimizes screens for projectors and it may fix the problem.