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    Question for Duncan about Mob3 and

    Is there any chance you can merge the MegaByte TV Forums (If it is still up my internet can't connect to the site for some reason) because i really like this forum I still remember the day I joined the forums it was like 2 weeks after the forum was made I think..... So is there a chance you can...
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    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

    I got this mouse for Christmas.  I think it's really great!  It's a wireless mouse it does use "BlueTrack Technology"  that means it can be using virtually anywhere.  I think this mouse is great.  It only has to use 1 Battery so if one dies early it'll still work and you won't notice a...
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    Review: Money

    Money is great it comes in all kinds What I like best about it is I can buy things with it Some people are rich! that means they have alot of money (Spoiled brats -.- lol jk) My Ratings 10/10 Things that can be better: If all the money could come to this forum and give us alot of money
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    Your CPU-Z Specs/Hardware

    All great Specs people I got 200 dollars so im expecting to be upgrading something To be exact i have 221 dollars lol
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    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

    Someone in my family has this sadly i think it was from texting
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    I want to host something but don't want people to know my IP

    Is there anyway to host a server such as a Counter Strike Source dedicated server without sharing my IP I was thinking about a VPS but they are not free sadly I don't want to give out my IP because of hackers and stuff
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    Does PayPal support these sites?

    cuz im trying to find out if these site take paypal so i dont end up making an account for nothin but i heard amazon doesnt take it and maybe apple idk
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    Does PayPal support these sites?

    NOTE: I didn't know where to post this :( Topic: Does paypal take:
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    What the hell is this steam?

    Steam is a client for Valve games If anything from valve you need to have steam Anyway back to the point it is a client where you can buy games and you download them
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    Should I Get This Graphics Card?????

    If you expect to take advantage out of it then of course
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    Microphone problems >:(

    Does you webcam work? because if that wont work or your mic there might be a prob with the usb
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    new mic im getting!

    Lucky o.o I need a new headset its broken my 3rd pair in a year, great; ill take them for 1 pound ? ;D
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    logitech G5.1 surround sound system

    All are nice mine are from KenWood i think there nice
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    ATI Radeon HD3200 not working on XP

    You can use GrabUp to print screen :P
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    My New Key Board And Mouse Pad

    I know right o.o