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    You can Pre-Reserve Windows 10 free now

    Hey winodws users! see that mysterious button on the bottom right of the desktop. Click it. sign up and it will tell you how to get windows 10 easily, for free.
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    I can only assume everyone has been keeping track of E3. What did you think of 2015? What was good and bad. I personally can not wait for halo 5. I've played halo all my life, and it actually does look great. What i am a bit more excited for is Beyond Earth: Rising Tide. I cannot wait to make...
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    The Banning Game

    IdominateU is banned for caring about bejeweled and space invaders champions
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    The Banning Game

    mobilephone2003 banned for having trophies i dont have.
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    Change One Letter Game

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    The Banning Game

    iDominateU gets banned for having a negative rating.
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    Change One Letter Game

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    Change One Letter Game

    Ignore last post didnt see page 2. STALE
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    Type your username with your nose!

    coolaw Dont know what you're complaining about.