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    Feels like home!

    Feels like home!
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    Nor i can i to be honest dude :) I'm glad to be back and would love to see this forum bustling like it used to be back in 08/09 when i would be on here religiously :P Thinking back over the last 5-7 years my life has changed big time. I hope life has been kind to you and everyone else i used...
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    Its has been a very ong time since i posted on this forum. I used to be addicted to this place back in 2008-2010 until i was banned by Duncan ;) Not sure if any one remembers me but i sure do remember a load of the guys i have seen pos in the past! Would love to hear from some of you :)
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    Need a logo :)

    That is great :D Thank you verry much :)
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    Hello ! Again

    Welcome back :) Thanks for the banner/logo you made me today :)
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    Need a logo :)

    Hey guys, its been a while since i posted on here (coz i was banned) want to ask you guys if you could possibly crate me a logo for my forum. the forum is and it needs a new logo as you can probably tell :/ would like this new logo to be the same colour scheme as the forum...
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    edit pictures

    any 1 remember the site where you could add Christmas effects to your pictures. you could add stuff like hats and crap. u remember? if u do can u post a link bellow
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    You and n00bs ;D

    i would help him, im not one to wathch some ones pc screw up and do nothing about it. i like yo help people as much as i can with thier computer needs.
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    Google Wave?

    if i had a invite i would send you on but they dont give invited members invites :/
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    capture card

    a Dazzle!
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    Youtube taking HD and HQ away from UK and europe.

    i still get the HD and HQ option. y would they take that away from users?
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    What do you think?

    i agree :) the 2nd one looks like it is based on a game called world of goo ;)
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    My New Ipod Touch / Iphone Blog! - Tap Apps

    Reece, would you like to be a writer on my blog? you can have your own section for app reviews and stuff. let me know if you want to write for me ;)
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    Making easy money online

    VvcomphelpvV has made over $2000 from that site.