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    Jordan Appreciation Thread

    Please leave your fattest Thanks @Jordan below
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    🎧 What song cant you get out of your head?

    Andy Salad - Meme Master
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    The time when you injured yourself?

    Luckily never broken anything! Hoping it stays that way.
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    DC vs MARVEL who wins???

    Marvel, has way more interesting characters and the films as of recent seem to be way better
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    On Average how long do you stay on your computer daily?

    I'd agree with the 6-9 hours, depends if I'm off work, sometimes even more.
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    Favourite Twitch Streamer!

    As the title suggests for anyone who watches Twitch. Whos your favourite streamer and what game specifically do they tend to play? Mine personally is a guy called Arteezy who streams a lot of entertaining and high skilled DoTA 2!
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    What are you watching right now

    Rewatching Game of Thrones to the current series
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    Addicted to a game ?

    Dota 2, played it for years. Rarely play any other game, tried getting into others but easily lose interest and go straight back to Dota.
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    Windows 10 Users - Do You Use Cortana?

    Disabled it almost instantly, no real use for it personally
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    What Really Annoys You?

    When my gamerfuel takes 10 years to arrive
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    What do you look for in a game?

    100% a multiplayer game, like becoming apart of communities that you don't get so much out of solo games!
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    What's the worst fast food resturant?

    With Greg on this one, personally never had a bad experience from any of them!
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    Your Favourte TV/Movie Quote???

    "The future is now old man!"