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    What browser do u like best?

    i think it should be more like this, 1. Google Chrome 2. Firefox 3. Apple safari 4. opera 5. IE
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    Halo 3 or call of duty 4

    i think halo is a good game if your playing people who aren't good at playing or if your at a party or something then halo is the one. but if your alone or like a internet multilayer game then cod4 is a really good game. my preference is call of duty 4. i spent an entire night playing call of...
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    Age of Empires 3

    i have all the "age of ..." games and i love that style of game. I've got THE original age of empires 1. its awesome, as long as you hate good graphics lol.
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    Age of Empires 3

    I think its a really good game, both the campaign and the multilayer. i have the war chiefs expansion and i didn't really like it. my friends has the Asian dinastys expansion and says its really good. If you like strategy games i would get it. What do you think?
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    Your Favourite Xbox 360 game?

    cod4 or halo 3
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    Addicted to a game ?

    i used to be really addicted to runescape... i know, sad... :-[ and then i got addicted track mania nations forever. and recently ive become super addicted to cod4... i don't care what anyone says its a really good game. i spent and entire 2 days and one night doing nothing but cod4 with my...
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    Last person to post wins!

    guesh wat... ;D
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    Do you have a phobia?

    i love fire... i've been a huge pyromaniac my whole life!
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    Do you have a phobia?

    I actually have a really serious phobia thats kinda weird, I have Cyclophobia- Fear of bicycles. I had a very bad experience with one when i was younger( I had this guy on a bike just wham into me head on and i got the wind knocked out of me for over a minute.), and when i was even younger the...
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    what type of music you like ?

    i'm really weird when it comes to music. sometimes i'm like really into hard core death metal or just plain metal( i like trivium alot). and then other times i just love classical music( i know don't laugh) i like jazz( right now i'm listening to Diana Krall), rock i really like muse, indie, no...
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    Your Printer's Brand

    i have a cannon ip90, a cannon all in one (somthing)310( but it keeps jamming every time i try to print so i only use it for scanning.) and i  have a very very nice, not exactly mine, Konica Minolta magicolor mx 5430 dl laser color speed printer.
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    Fast Food or 'Real food'?

    when i was in kindergarden the 4th graders dared me to eat a whole ton of grass from the playground, and i did it. guess who got in trouble... me! the only fast food i like is subway... i eat there all the time. luckily i have one within skating distance. but if i have the money(and time)...
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    Black Or Silver

    i like black a bit more just because its not so neutral, i like really defined colors. all the cars and walls today are painted theses dull colors like gray and silver or brown... my favorite color is a deep forest green.
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    I am scared

    Don't jump right onto her the second you see her. She'll think your trying to hard. When you get a casual chance to talk to her, be funny. Crack a few jokes or something, but not too many. Also, try to listen to what she's saying, as boring as it may be to hear all the useless crap she did all...
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    Were did you get your nickname from??

    I said it right there...