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    Music Playback Software

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    Should I switch back to Windows?

    All software is free for Linux.
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    Best Live Music Band You Have Seen?

    I've been to a few good ones, but the best is a toss up between Iron Maiden at Earls Court and Dragonforce at Bristol's Carling Academy.
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    20 Irresistible Gadgets You’d Love to Own

    Lager? Just pee in a can, it's stronger. :P
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    Have any Pets?

    Lol, no, just the fish are called Babel.
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    Should I switch back to Windows?

    Printing on Linux can be a bit difficult, have a look around google for any help with your model of printer. You won't get many windoze programs to run in linux, but there are loads of equally good alternatives. There's a few here: The lack of support problem for...
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    Show us your photographs!

    My DeviantArt. Some good photos in there, and some less good ones as well.
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    New drug

    Hoax. Seriously, who inhales their own crap gas?
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    Glue VS Sticky Tape

    If you can't fix it with gaffer tape it was never meant to work in the first place. Gaffer tape = win.
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    How thin is your laptop?

    Whats wrong with the air?
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    Windows Live Messanger (MSN), or AIM?

    You can talk to anyone on MSN, AIM, Yahoo messenger, Google talk, and several more.
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    Big Signatures

    I post on another forum which has this rule, and it works fantastically. It's also not allowed to be bigger than 15kb, which means the pages load really quickly.
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    If you had to lose it

    Lose the telly, music is so much better.
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    If you had to choose, which one should you keep? (Read more)

    Providing I can still use what remains, lose the balls. No kids for me please.
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    Windows Live Messanger (MSN), or AIM?

    I like it. It's easy to use, lightweight and has no intrusive ads like Windows Live. Give it a try. Trillian is another nice alternative as well.