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    Giveaway of the Day FREE SOFTWARE UTILS and GAMES

    Cool, I have the RSS feed for the apps one in Opea Mail, I don't really need free games since I have enough already. The sites do look really cool.
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    Cisco Packet Tracer

    Does anyone else here use this app, or know about it even :-p? I would really like to know if anyone does so we could exchange files and maybe do a multiuser connection.
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    Giveaway of the Day FREE SOFTWARE UTILS and GAMES

    A very, lets call it interesting, first post, hope you have a good time here. If these sites are legit, it does looks very awesome.
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    Show us your photographs!

    >_< you can't link local files
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    Need a signature

    There is a whole sticked topic on this at
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Can I get the wallpaper please, it looks really good.
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    Win 7 32 bit won't allow you to use all 4GB of RAM, you would need 64 bit. The 1:1 ratio is the frequency of the CPU and RAM, not the size of the memory.
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    64 bit XP isn't that good, not many drivers were made for it, Vista or 7 would be a better choice.
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    If your OS and CPU are not 64 bit you won't be able to use all the 4GB of RAM.
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    Need a logo :)

    computerboardkid is perm banned from the forum, so he won't be able to see these or respond here anymore.
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    Nice One Duncan

    I am horrible at graphics :-p hope that someone else can make new ones.
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    MOVED: Anyone a Good Game Reviewer?

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    $20 to $50 just a guess
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    MOVED: 3000+ Members

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    Nice One Duncan

    I don't like the Forum read or not read icons, they arn't much different and its hard to tell the difference.