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    Why Are Macs So Expensive?

    i dont know i havent seen any posts removed.
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    request a display picture

    yea i love it because alienware is my dream computer but i wanted another one because my current computer in an acer :D
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    request a display picture

    my mate was impressed with your pics he requested one on msn this is his message Joshua says: errr if Possible i want the name to be Joshiboiz and like Black and Green Flames or somet lol thats would be coolio
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    Request a Wallpaper

    thankyou thats perfect
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    request a display picture

    hey please may i request another display pic this time with background - 2 shades of green bleded together and on the pic may i hav  an acer logo and underneath say acer user thankyou
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    alienware laptops or pc's!!

    i think they look, good and futureistic as they glow up and run extremely fast the logo is the best ever and i love the case designs
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    intro wanted

    please can anyone make me a good intro fir my vids im going to make in the futre for youtube. what i want included my youtube account name - andrewraggett1 and the show name - gadget reviews thankyou i appreciate your time also in my video description i will put intro made by ...
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    Try typing your name......

    asqwnhrdfyuh7rtf5aswqgytbhopli9o = andyragboi lol i think i have a massive elbow i know time yourslef and see how long it takes to type "is this the way to amarillo" with your nose
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    alienware laptops or pc's!!

    would anyone want to make a review video of their alienware laptops or pc's and post them on youtube and share them to andrewraggett1:D i am very interested in alienware but at the moment i cant afford one but i would like to see some of your reviews
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    Ipod touch 2g

    im getting a 2G iPod touch for my birthday only the 8gb one but still i have seen reviews and videos on the internet and i think its just awesome and also my friend has the 16gb one and its so cool
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    Notebooks for free?

    i got my laptop for free with a mobile phone contract at
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    Are laptops any good?

    a couple of years ago laptops would have not as good specs as a desktop pc and would cost like £800 but now you can get them as cheap as £300 and they are now really reliable not like in the past
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    Windows Vista Experience Index Score Thread

    my score is 2.3 but i only had this computer for a week now
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    How Do You Use Your Laptop Mouse?

    How do you use you laptop mouse i am intereststed in the ways other people use laptop mice. do you mostly tap the pad to click do you mostly press the button to click do you use both to click
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    Why Are Macs So Expensive?

    this is only my opinion but maybe some people will strongly agree and disagree i think they are good machines but they are way too over priced its as if i feel i will never be able to afford a mac apparently it only costs them so little to make the machines and operating systems and they sell...