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    Would You Like To Live on Mars?

    Sure, let's go!
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    Jordan Appreciation Thread

    Thanks @Jordan
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    Whose the biggest hero in your life

    Chicken? No, my cats because they don't pretend to like me. They let me know when they don't want me around by attacking, but they also want many loves, so they're my heroes.
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    What was your first job?

    I got a job in a Chinese restaurant when I was 15, got pretty good pay but hated it because they'd ask me to work most days when I had school, so I quit that and got a crappy job in retail for the meantime.
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    Last thing eaten?

    BBQ chicken sandwiches
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    I'm back

    Welcome back x24
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    Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

    I wish I liked coffee, but no
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    💬 Off-Topic Talk

    A study carried out by the British Cheese Board found that cheese can actually help you sleep better, however it can also cause weird or intense dreams.
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    Which Film Do Hate The Most?

    Into the Woods
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    Last thing eaten?

    Garlic bread