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    Nice One Duncan

    Yeah I really love the new look! Thanks Duncan for the Awesome look! :)
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    NVidia Geforce 8400 GS Help!

    Hey guys. I got a Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS in my Dell Dimension E310 PC. A lot of times, it runs slow when I have aero on! So I put Aero Basic or the classic theme on but, Whenever I open up a window, it like makes a slow "scroll-effect." Please Help Me Fix the problem!
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    Windows 7 screen resolution problem

    Just try to download the vista drivers! Hope it helps you!  :)
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    problem with laptop

    The only thing I can say for you is that you should try to boot into safe mode. i hope it helps you!  ;)
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    Console war, a better aproach.

    You have made a very great point! I rather just get both because I like both of the consoles! :)
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    Looking pretty cool! Just make sure you have 64 bit windows xp so all of your ram will work! :P :)
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    I Am Now a Global Moderator :O

    Congratulations! I am happy for you that you are a global moderator now!!!!!  :D
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    My first birthday on Mob3!

    Happy Birthday lol! :)
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    Hello ! Again

    Welcome back dude! I am glad that you are back here now!  ;)
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    The Mighty Boosh

    I haven't even of heard of that show or movie or whatever
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    whats your favorite comedy

    I would say George Lopez as well! It is a great show!
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    Family Guy

    I love Family Guy Soooo much!
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    Most Dancable Song

    Macarena 0.o
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    Ubuntu or vista?

    That is vista for sure!  :)
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    Some wallpapers i created in photoshop.

    Those are some nice wallpapers!  ;)