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    UK 'hacker' fights US extradition

    Unauthorised means he didn't have permission, not that it he had to have a password. Its all in the definition. I have no comment on this hacker, cause i live in the US and this just seems like a big US Hate thread. I agree its stupid not to have a password, but that is the governments fault. As...
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    Non Stop Questions?

    Isn't relevance over rated?
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    type a random word

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    What do you do when you are bored??

    -All of the above- :D
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    Free webhosting, so you can upload your own forum on a subdomain

    Also, if you looking for a host for a forum, make sure whatever host it is supports PHP and MySQL otherwise most forums don't work. (You don't need mysql, some forum systems support flat-file storage but... PHP is a must) There are also cheap paid hosts out there. Oh, here is a free one you...
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    2 word story game!

    big and
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    mob3 Counting Game

    86000 You guys are off. Lol :D
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    Non Stop Questions?

    Can't you only see light rays?
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    summer or winter

    I prefer winter. I cant stand the heat, and i love the snow. :D
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    Non Stop Questions?

    What if he can't see?
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    type a random word

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    mob3 Counting Game

    80000 :D
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    Fortunately, Unfortunately

    Unfortunately, it was all broken.
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    2 word story game!

    it was
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    Fuse Your Name With The Person Above You

    kidgura :O