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    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

    I know a couple of my family members who have gotten it... it makes life so much harder
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    Giveaway Suggestions/Ideas?

    This will work yet you could also do an advertisement of that person for a week on your channel announcing them in videos
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    Reasons to not upgrade to Windows 7.

    Windows 7 is great but then again I hate Vista...
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    Why i hate sundays.

    I hate sunday's because it means I get to go back to school... and The weekend is over
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    Which Office Do You Prefer

    2007, just for the fact that I use it everyday but I'm being honest I prefer open office over word.
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    Personal experience with VM (Vortual machine) software.

    Ha the first time I used virtual box I was confused but then in AWE :D though my new laptop can't really handle more than one OS even if in a virtual program...
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    OSX Leopard Or Windows 7

    Windows 7 I'm just hooked on Windows...
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    Chat Room Closure

    Topic locked iNiall95 is right the chat was closed a while ago...
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    Senator Ted Kennedy died....

    Ted Kennedy is and always will be considered one of america's greatest government officials. He was a liberal yet was so respected because he reached across party lines and always made sure that everyone agreed on the same bill. He never attacked anyone on his political campaigns and was one of...
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    Your Thoughts On Windows

    Windows is windows there some good things (windows 7, xp,.) and bad things (VISTA) but all in all i prefer windows over any other OS
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    i want to become a global moderator

    Look to become a mod or G-mod you cant ask for it you need to post helpful threads and not spam... if Duncan feels he needs another moderator he woll ask for one until then its best not to ask
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    MOVED: What OS should i install?

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    MOVED: secret registery tricks in windows xp and other must see

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    MOVED: bootable CD rom for XP

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    MOVED: Help with the uninstallation of Windows 7 RC and going back to Vista

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