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    did everyone just stop coming on?

    Around as well. I stop by every now & again to check up on things. Just been in the process of a big move & work related stuff that haven't posted lately.
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    NEW! Website Design Overhaul

    Agreed the new design is great. Much easier on the eyes & text is much more visible as Matt noted. Also I don't know if I just missed this before the redesign but like the pulsing button when members are online.
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    Confirmed Tim Cook to donate his wealth

    Haha I'm saying. ls it to late to start our own non-profit charity & hope we get selected?
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    Amazon Cloud Drive

    Amazon has updated their cloud storage service to support two new options. Unlimited Photo Plan: Unlimited amount of storage for storing photos & 5GB of space for video files. Price: $12 yearly Unlimited Everything: Their other plan offering completely unlimited storage for any type of...
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    Confirmed Tim Cook to donate his wealth

    Based on the latest interview of Tim Cook at Fortune He has stated that he'll be giving away all his wealth upon paying for the college education of his now 10-year old nephew. Which I assume to be in the 6-figure range (So a bit odd of statement) my guess just to assure his future. Again...
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    Your thoughts on Vessel (and YouTubers moving to it)?

    I heard about this on Twitter & signed up. Much like you I'll remain on Youtube as long as its around just due to my comfort on the platform. However more & more services like these are popping up & while I don't know if they'll ever overthrow the network I do find them interesting. I know lot...
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    Had a busy week glad to finally catch up on everything on the forum

    Had a busy week glad to finally catch up on everything on the forum
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    Android Suggestions (S5)

    Thanks all for the recommendations! Going to start testing everything out today. Really appreciate everyones input thus far.
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    Will be live streaming coverage for the Apple Watch event at w/Dunc...

    Will be live streaming coverage for the Apple Watch event at w/Dunc
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    Youtube Bans Brand Sponsored Videos

    Yeah, apologies for that maybe its not so much a ban. But regardless its forcing creators to either A) Settle up with Youtube giving them a big cut of your advert deal. B) Forbid you from doing it at all (or excessively cutting you down to a text title) Regardless, from what I've seen thus far...
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    Curved Displays - Do You Want One?

    Exactly how I feel. If I saw the opportunity to get one at a solid price & needed a new TV/Monitor wouldn't mind trying it out. I love immersion when it comes to my media & think that a big curved display would provide a great experience if anything something different.
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    Android Suggestions (S5)

    So I've been an iOS user for the last couple years and still use an iPhone 5S as my main device. However had bought an S4 couple months back & didn't use it much. Saw an opportunity to pick up an S5 on sale as people are looking to upgrade to the S6 at launch. That all said I'm looking to give...
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    What's Stopping You Buying A Smartwatch?

    I think honestly biggest thing is I'm a huge fan of traditional time pieces & haven't yet seen a style of smart watch that I'd wear on a daily basis. Just as I see a smart watch as an extension to your phone I see a watch as an extension of my outfit (thats just me thought). Of course...
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    What Colour Is This Dress? Internet Split Over True Colour

    Blue & Black! But I did see the white & gold perspective too but just blown out brightness. The dress phenomena was crazy haha.
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    Best Console Game of All Time?

    I really loved the Hitman: Blood Money game on PS2 for some reason just something I played over & over trying to beat each mission in a different way & NBA Live 2006 I spent way too much time playing well into 08/09 just cause I enjoyed the game so much.