🏃🏻‍♂️ Windows Run Box Shortcuts Guide

🏃🏻‍♂️ Windows Run Box Shortcuts Guide

Save some time by the Windows Run box, activated by pressing "Windows Key + R". Many of us tend to use this as it's much more accurate than the built in search engine for Windows, and allows us Power Users to navigate around ourselves faster than a speeding bullet.

Let's Begin, you don't need to use capital letters when you type these in, all commands have been tested on Windows 7, some are Windows 7/Windows 10 Only, indicated by 7️⃣ and 🔟


\ - Opens Your Drive's Root (Often C:\)
. - Opens Your Profile Root (Useful to put anything you want in to work with the run box)
%APPDATA% - Opens Your Application Data Folder
%PROGRAMFILES% - Opens Your Program Files Folder
%TEMP% - Opens Your Temporary Files Folder
%USERPROFILE% - Opens Your Profile Root
%WINDIR% - Opens Your Windows Folder
DOCUMENTS - Opens Your Documents Folder
FAVORITES - Opens Your Internet Explorer Favorites
FONTS - Opens Your Fonts Folder
MUSIC - Opens Your Music Folder
PICTURES - Opens Your Pictures Folder
RECENT - Opens Your Recents Folder
VIDEOS - Opens Your Videos Folder

Application Launching

CALC - Opens Windows Calculator
CHARMAP - Opens Windows Character Map
CMD - Opens the Command Prompt
EXPLORER - Windows Explorer
IEXPLORE - Opens Internet Exploder
MSPAINT - Opens Microsoft Paint
MSTSC - Opens Remote Desktop Connection
NOTEPAD - Opens Notepad
POWERSHELL - Opens PowerShell
SNIPPINGTOOL - Opens Windows Snipping Tool
STIKYNOT 7️⃣ - Opens Sticky Notes
TASKMGR - Opens the Task Manager
WORDPAD - Opens Wordpad
WRITE - Opens Wordpad

System Applications & Settings

CLEANMGR - Opens Windows Cleanup Tool
COLORCPL - Opens Windows Color Profiles
CONTROL - Opens Control Panel
CONTROL ADMINTOOLS - Opens Administrator Tools
CONTROL PRINTERS - Opens Printers and Faxes
DEVMGMT.MSC - Opens Device Manager
DXDIAG - Opens DirectX Diagnostics
FIREWALL.CPL - Opens Windows Firewall
FSMGMT.MSC - Opens Windows Shared Folders
GPEDIT.MSC - Opens Group Policy Editor
HDWWIZ - Opens Add New Hardware Wizard
MSCONFIG - Opens Microsoft Configuration Utility
MSINFO32 - Opens System Information Tool
NCPA.CPL - Opens Network Settings
NETPLWIZ - Opens User Accounts Settings
OSK - Opens On Screen Keyboard
PERFMON.MSC - Opens Performance Monitor
SERVICES.MSC - Opens Windows Services
SNDVOL - Opens Volume Mixer
SYSDM.CPL - Opens System Properties
TIMEDATE.CPL - Opens Time & Date Settings
TASKSCHD.MSC - Opens the Task Scheduler
WUAPP 7️⃣ - Opens Windows Update
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