🌍 Daily Driver Chrome Extensions

🌍 Daily Driver Chrome Extensions

According to Statcounter for February 2018, Google chrome is used by 67.49% of people with a desktop on the web, which presumably includes those running ChromeOS. One of the great features of Chrome is the use of extensions, which turns the browser into a platform for code to improve the way we use the web.

But which Chrome extensions are the best? and which ones do you use on a daily basis?

Here are my current contenders:

BehindTheOverlay - This allows to view content behind the silly annoying overlays that websites like to add.

BetterTTV - Adds a bunch of functionality to twitch such as modifying the chat style, blue buttons, larger player and more emotes.

Checker Plus for GMail - As a gmail user, this extension allows actions on email without having to open the webpage, in the notification Window.

Lastpass - Excellent password manager offering autofill, auto generation of passwords, and a secure vault.

Reddit Enhancement Suite - Adds extra functionality to reddit such as dark mode and a dashboard for subreddit viewing.

Social Fixer for Facebook - Makes facebook a little bit more bareable, hiding a bunch of the cruft.

Stylish - A must-have extension for styling websites to look how you want through CSS, with a large repository of user creations

Momentum - Jazz up your new tab page with a large clock and a high res photo, and some fancy extras.

Tampermonkey - Similar to stylish, but performs javascript on a page for extra functionality. Be careful where you download scripts from though!

Thin Scroll Bar - Nice and simple tweak for adding a small amount of real estate to the browser

uBlock Origin - AdBlock Plus alternative for hiding elements and saving bandwidth and time by blocking annoying Ads, without the mafia-style selling of "acceptable ads"

WOT - Safeguard from untrusted websites based on crowdsourced opinions. Can show that a website is risky before you click the link.

WayBack Machine - Replace 404 not found errors with the website's past snapshots

Feel free to add your recommendations in the discussion tab!
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