🕹️ 10 Casual Multiplayer Arcade Game Websites

🕹️ 10 Casual Multiplayer Arcade Game Websites

Browser games have long been a popular way for entertainment, with a bunch of sites offering "addictive flash games". However, most of these games have been single player only, with a leaderboard where you can submit your score.

In recent years, a lot of sites have popped up with a ".io" domain extension that allows a true casual multiplayer experience, just type your name in and go. Here are 10 of these that you can start playing right now, no download required, all you need is an up-to-date browser and a relatively fast internet connection:

1. Wilds.io

Wilds is a quick and dirty free for all, where you run around and attack all enemies. You can party up in "Tribes" and throw items to your friends in EU, US and AS Servers. Wilds also has a patron which will gain you an icon and berserker model.
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2. Vanar.io

Love arkanoid? Vanar has you covered with this online multiplayer version. Use the spacebar to shoot missiles while holding W to switch your engine on and off, the more you destroy, the bigger you become.
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3. Agar.io

Agar is a cell-eat-cell free for all game, where you need to absorb the smaller cells in order to grow. You can shoot bits out of your cell and split into two entities to help with your absorption. You can customise the name and theme of your cell, which has sparked a bunch of memes.
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4. Wormax.io

Wormax is an extra take on the popular "Slither.io", whereby you must collect all the matter to increase your size, while driving other players into themselves or you, therefore combusting them and taking their "essence". You can buy "artifacts" that can increase your worms skills when you progress through leagues.
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5. Zlap.io

Zlap is all about swinging your mace into another player's path and survive as long as possible. You use your mouse to control the swing and can find yourself on the leaderboard for that session.
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6. Doblons.io

Doblons is a Pirate War game, where you must destroy other player's ships to gain dollars to upgrade your own. You can collect coins as you progress and fire torpedos from the side of your ship. All ships have a health meter so it isn't instant death like the other games on this list.
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7. Splix.io

Splix is all about conquering as much land as possible, surround the blocks in order to capture them with your snake, making the grid your colour. Be sure to try to avoid other players!
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8. Diep.io

Diep contains a bunch of gamemodes, including FFA, 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Domination, Tag Mode, Maze and Sandbox. Similar to other games on this list, you are provided with a tank, can upgrade your abilities, and your objective is to survive as long as possible.
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9. Vertix.io

Vertix takes on a different approach by providing an old school "metal gear solid" style 2D multiplayer arena. You'll find lootcrates scattered around the arena, and can get abilities and weapons to improve your skills.
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10. Supersnake.io

Supersnake feels like the slowest of the bunch, so if you're not aiming for non-stop action, take the theraputic approach, collect as much matter as you can, and grow your snake. Just be sure not to touch the walls or your own body, just like the old school Nokia snake.
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Also note that many of the above also have free Android, iPhone and iPad versions.
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