Meet The Ingress Modded Car – XM Rapid Response Vehicle NL-2703

No ADA or Jarvis are left in this vehicle overnight.

Some time ago I made a popular guide on starting out on Ingress, and I was taken aback yesterday when I saw this while grabbing lunch. While as of late Pokémon Go has taken the reins of popularity of folks around the world, that won’t stop die hard Ingress fans such as Wes Stankiewicz, known in the Ingress world as Wes79, from taking the Mobile Game to the next level with his XM Rapid Response Vehicle.

The “NL-2703” is a Citroen DS3 DSport+ boasting a 0-60mph time of just over 7 seconds, on-board Wifi and a Raspberry Pi 3 powered touchscreen that boots straight into the Ingress Intel app. Wes has been playing the game since 2015 and has competed in Vienna and Rotterdam.

The car design is tasteful as to not give away a bias towards any side, but rest assured that you’ll see Wes coming when there are XM anomalies in the vicinity!

Check the car and Wes out on his Google+ Page