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GameSave Manager

Discussion in 'Programming & Code' started by InsaneMatt, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. InsaneMatt

    InsaneMatt Gigabyte

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    What is GameSave Manager?
    In short, GameSave Manager is a free application that allows you to manage your PC game saves.
    You can backup, restore, transfer and share your saves with friends and family without hassle.
    Yes, free.
    No catches, no bundle-ware, just free software. Donations are welcomed, but not required.​

    Isn't this shameful advertising?
    Yes. No. Kinda?
    In the early days of GameSave Manager, DuncsWeb used to be our home. We used to be found on the 'gsm.duncsweb.com' sub-domain (thanks again Duncan), which still exists and receives the occasional visit. Duncan (aka mobilephone2003) asked me to make this thread to direct this traffic to. Until now, it redirected traffic to an hilariously out-dated review that Duncan did.
    So yes, it's technically advertising on this forum but for a valid reason.​

    What's all this 'v4.x' talk?
    I've been teaching myself C#, while slowly developing the next major release of the project; GameSave Manager v4.0
    The new version will fix many bugs and drastically increase performance compared to the current v3.x branch.​

    Sounds good, when is v4.x released?
    We have no release date set.
    We're taking our time to try and combat as many bugs as possible before a proper release.
    That being said, Database Updates are still regularly released for the current v3.x branch.
    Right, so if DuncsWeb doesn't host the project then where can I find it now?
    GameSave Manager has been on it's own webspace and domain for several years now.
    You can find the project over at gamesave-manager.com.
    Happy gaming!
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  2. MP2003

    MP2003 Administrator

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    100% support this project and program, as someone who has a lot of games installed, its a lifesaver!
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  3. AdamDuce

    AdamDuce Gigabyte

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    Still use it today after you first added it to Mob3. Class piece of Software.

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