How To Watch Amazon Prime Video Offline on a Chromebook

Watch a Movie or Three without straining Wi-Fi or Data.

I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime. I order lots of stuff with 1 day shipping, I listen to Amazon Music Offline and I regularly watch TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Video.

With Chromebooks offering up to 12 hours battery life, when on the road, I can now watch a movie or three, but with the caveat of slow provided Wi-Fi or no signal on the go, which will lead to watching the long-winded film called “The Buffering”.

Fortunately, with a Play Enabled Chromebook, with some jiggery you can download films offline to the device through the Amazon Video App, but it will take a few steps to get to that place as follows:

  • Enable Chromebook Developer Mode (Wipes Chromebook)
  • Go to Android Preferences (found in ChromeOS Settings under Google Play)
  • Choose Security
  • Choose Unknown Sources – You can now “sideload” (install) any .APK file by opening them
  • Install Dolphin Web Browser from the Play Store
  • Google “Amazon Underground” and click the first link
  • Download Amazon Underground
  • Search for Amazon Video and Install

That’s it! Once done, you have full access to the Amazon Video library and can download TV Shows & Movies for offline access.


Credits to NathanDetroi0t for this post for the discovery