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Futuristic House Competition

mobilephone2003 Owner posted Sun at 11:29
We gave you a heads up to plan, and the time has come to get started on your Futuristic Builds!

In order to participate you will need to do the following:
  • Elect a "head member" to represent your group (if you have one). This person will take responsibility for the build in question and will receive the prize. If you are creating the building alone, you will be the "head member"
  • Create a Futuristic House that meets the requirements below
  • Signpost your work with the names that made the build
  • Post your entry on THIS THREAD with your username(s), world and co-ordinates


Your build must follow a "Futuristic Theme" in order to qualify (no making a dirt house thinking you will be entered). All buildings will be checked prior to competition start. We will be marking the following out of 10:
  • Size (How big the build is) - BIGGER IS BETTER (ProTip: A 16x16 Plot will lose points here!)
  • Use of Blocks (Creativity on types of blocks)
  • Wow Factor (Is the build visually appealing?)
  • Environment (Has effort been put into the area around the building?)

Prizes are as follows:

1) 25000g and your entry added to the "World of Fame" - A showcase world dedicated to awesome player-made builds
2) 15000g
3) 5000g

The final date:
Sat 3rd May - 6PM GMT

Listen to Duncsweb Radio and watch us judge live at this time!
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Indian YoshiIm Indian Yoshi.
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Indian Yoshithe duncsweb staff are awesome!
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RageandHateguys wish me luck, im doing the unthinkable. I'm restarting my laptop...
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twelveh Chatmod  How'd it go?
sonark Admin  I think we can safely assume that it was a failure.
R.I.P Rageandhate, you'll be remembered.
00Herobrine000I finally got my minecraft account back! thanks sonark.
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1DopeGamer EPICLEGENDI am so happy that /auc is back in action
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~♥Anika♥~ AdminSo, April 23, 2014 is admin's day....HINT HINT
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twelveh Chatmod  *sends you flowers*
johnmail1235   created a new thread Changing Word Game in the Forum Games forum
420Mr_Pickles420What to do when minecraft down...Gonna watch Beleive!
Ceirci   Spark up and NetFlix....
RageandHateI like how we advertise "banning"
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mobilephone2003 Owner  Banning a player from a SkyBlock island - /island expell <name>
RageandHate   And that since Feb 2011 we have banned 2631 players [link]
RageandHate   Ah i see, makes much more sense now
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breezyfoshizzyWhat's happening people... It's been a year and a half !
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Fshlps   Hey there man!
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