GalliumOS – Optimised OS for Chromebooks Powered by Linux

Chromebooks are now much more than just a web browser.

When I first heard about Chromebooks, I had the same opinion as many other users:

“Why would you buy a laptop that just runs a web browser?”

Now time has gone on, lots of applications have moved to the cloud, and with the addition of the Play Store, Chromebooks are having more and more utility by the day in a cheap overall package.

… but that’s not enough for some of us.. we want more… so how can we get the functionality of a full laptop for half the price of a full laptop?

GalliumOS is a Chromebook optimised OS with a large list of supported devices, and can be installed via USB, installed to run from USB, or can be downloaded and installed on the Chromebook itself. What’s more is that you don’t need to blow away all your partitions to empty space to try it out, with options for live booting, or dual booting via chrx.

In order to get it installed you will need to do a few things on your Chromebook:

  • Enable Developer Mode (Wipes your Chromebook)
  • Open Shell in ChromeOS
  • Download and install a custom firmware (depending on model)
  • Install the OS


Once this is done you have liberated your Chromebook and have now opened yourself up to the world of apt-get and can install programs locally as you see fit.

I currently have this installed on an Acer Chromebook R11 with 4GB RAM and the performance is very good for an Intel Celeron processor with the lightness of the OS.


See the Official Wiki for full install and more details.


Is GalliumOS enough to make you want a Chromebook, or install it on your Chromebook?