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Biggest Duncsweb Competition Ever.

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I have been playing duncsweb S1 a long time now. In my opinion, a bit to long.

So, I'm moving to the tekkit server, everything is new, exciting and the opportunitys are endless.

For that reason, I'm hosting the biggest duncsweb in game competition there has ever been. After i have left my town 5 million gigs. The winner will walk away with a whooping 300 thousand gig prize.

Simply follow this format.

Why you want the money -
What you will do with it -

I really don't mind if you give away the money to 'help the nubs research' or spend it on loads of diamonds. I just want to know. :d You all have a chance to win, from Raphyz, to the poorest player. Though if you have been nice to me during my playing, you have a better chance. :p

Note: If there is more than 1 winner, the prize will be shared.

So, what you waiting for? Get applying!
Posted Aug 19, 12 · OP · Last edited Aug 19, 12
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IGN: RVnomar
Why I would like the money: I have been in Oasis far too long, and BLOODTRAL, my current mayor, has not done much and will not allow new people to join the town. I guess not too friendly, maybe. The only problem is, without the town, I have nowhere to go. It is also in Legacy...
What I will do with the money: I will begin a new town in Nexus. I need some starting money because it might grow slowly. Once it gets popularity, perhaps my town will spread wings and become an amazing town of the few towns in Nexus. Helping the nubs research was very tempting, but I decided helping new people find a safe place to put their stuff may be a better idea:)
Whether it is 400,000, 200,000, or even 50,000, it will be just enough to get the town started and hopefully attract some people! Thanks Meley!
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Posted Aug 19, 12
sonark Admin
sonark @ DuncsWeb Towns Server
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IGN - sonark
Why you want the money - My town is running low on money... I've been very busy with doing all the tekkit stuff so I've not actually had time to make money :(
What you will do with it - I will use it to expand my town, make more plots and even perhaps hold mini-competitions within the town!

Posted Aug 19, 12
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IGN: delaite(the power of geek !)
why i want the money: for to expand my town
what you will do with it: i would like create the bigest town on duncsweb with a very much pixel art, or statue of all the player of duncsweb and very much other thing so
choose delaite, it's chosing the best choice yay
Posted Aug 19, 12
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Why you want the money: Well, I was thinking of starting my own town. I've never had one before, so i think it would be a cool experience to help out the new guys in Nexus get a safe place to live.
What you will do with the money- 200k for a town, 50k for some starting plots and such, then the last 150k put in the bank for when we need expansions.
Posted Aug 19, 12
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IGN -ctrlaltgeek
Why you want the money -to give it away
What you will do with it -I would give they money to people who are about to lose their plot do to lack of money. i would also deposit it into towns who may be in jeopardy of falling in Nexus. God knows we had enough fallen towns in legacy
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Posted Aug 19, 12
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why you want the money-cos its money :p
What you will do with it- i like to make things for the people of the server to use in my town, atm im making a trade centre with lots of villagers for people to trade wit ;3 but i need some FUNDS! ;)
Posted Aug 19, 12
mprock3 EPIC
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IGN: mprock3
I would like to restore my town of Crystal Peak in Nexus. I've always wanted to build such a beautiful town, and with Crystal Peak I was beginning to do that, but the desert, and Nexus killed its potential. I wanted a town where people could build more than a 16x16 hut, and wasn't riddled with shops every other plot. I want to build a Town. Not a cesspool of ugly huts that people use as shops, but a place where people build extravagant homes and we can show off our wealth not by lining the streets in diamond blocks, but by showing off the amazing architecture of the town itself.
Posted Aug 19, 12
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IGN: dark_nin7a12
Why you want the money- Ive been thinking about making a town but never have enough money
What you will do with it- probobly make a new town or join a town and donate to it
Posted Aug 19, 12
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Why you want the money- I would like the money because i have been playing for so long and have been so close to getting a town but i then lost money from tax which in SteelPort is i think 2500gigs. I would love to be a mayor and i would like to have a place where i can build with my friends and nowhere is greifed considering that plots cost a lot of gigs. 250,000 gigs would make my dreams come true. In my duncsweb experience i have been im 7 different towns and have always wanted my own ever scince that first time i came to duncsweb which i belive is the best server in Europe. Yours truly Nick102001
Posted Aug 19, 12
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