How To Enable The Hidden File Explorer On Windows 10 15063+

Get a sneak peek of Microsoft’s new File Explorer App on Windows 10

It’s been known for a while that Microsoft has been working on a slimmed down version of the Windows File Explorer, with an emphasis on touch screens. Now, you can enable this on your Windows 10 machine running Windows 10 version 15063 or above.

The app supports Dark Mode as you can see above, and this can be viewed by simply creating a shortcut on your desktop. This is pretty barebones, so don’t expect anything special with your new app.

Right Click your desktop, click New –> Shortcut and use the following:

explorer shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App

Simply double click and enjoy the new simpler explorer. Beware that this may be unstable, and does not replace your old explorer, which can be accessed in the usual way.

Credits to Pravin Vibhute for the share.