8 Awesome ARK Plugins For Your Survival Server

Transform Your ARK Server with free plugins from the Steam Workshop.

ARK: Survival Evolved involves surviving alongside dinosaurs in a 3D Environment, and with a multiplayer element with Steam Workshop integration, there’s plenty to choose from to boost game-play with friends or the public. Here are my 8 best picks, click them to go straight to subscribe on the workshop:


  1. Annunaki Genesis – This plugin takes Dinos to the next level, with tiered difficulty from Baby all the way up to God. Not for the feint of heart.
  2. Automated ARK – Designed with saving time in mind, you can craft useful things like an Egg Collector, Autofiltered Vault, Autofertilizer and Poop Collector.
  3. Structures Plus – A much smarter way to build, with the ability to pick items up. Engram versions are free to learn.
  4. Classic Flyers – Reverse the decision of the ARK Developers to nerf the ability of your flying dinos, allow full speed and upgrades.
  5. Advanced Rafts – From a small dingy to a huge Galleon, supercharge your boating abilities, including large surface areas for boat bases.
  6. Military Weapons + Tranq Darts – Who needs a crossbow when you can have a Deagle with a Laser. Warning: Can be overpowering.
  7. Bionic ARK – Bring ARK into the 30th Century by crafting your own Bionic T-Rex, or tron style Pteranodon. Requires lots of resources to craft.
  8. NPC Bush People – You’re never alone with these little guys running around. These have the ability to make bases and war with you.


The above plugins are subject to breaking with updates so be careful when installing on a production server, but all are worth installing as they either fix issues with the game at present or are just all-in-all fun to play.

Happy ARKing!